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Philipp Sobetzko

Health Consultations

combining nature, science & healing arts

Osteopathy – Physical Therapy – Yoga

Ayurveda –Acupuncture – Nutrition
Schamanism – Workshops – Tantra

  • Integrative Health Consultations (online / in person)
  • unique combination of natural remedies, latest science & multiple healing arts

As an internationally-trained healthcare professional with certifications in osteopathy, physical therapy, oriental therapies, inte grative yoga and ayurvedic medicine, I am positioned to offer a unique approach to holistic healing.

postural alignment

postural alignment: fusing yogic exercises and physical therapy principles with the comprehensive osteopathic understanding of body kinetics to alleviate pain, restore mobility and improve physical function.

nutrition & detox programs

nutrition & detox programs: utilizing the comprehensive knowledge of your unique ayurvedic constitution (dosha) to craft the perfect nutritional guidance, evidence-based diets and detox mechanisms to meet your needs and uplift your health to the next level

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. – enhanced diagnostics: combining the Power of Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence with the Latest Scientific Advancements to Achieve highly optimized Accuracy and results

shamanic healing

shamanic healing & tantric psychology: experience energy-based healing through ancient shamanic practices that foster deep inner transformation combined with traditional tantric psychology to find, heal and amplify your inner calling

Through video calls, I gather the necessary information about your health concerns and develop a structured, diagnostic based and well-defined plan to address the issue step by step.


Instead of strengthening the existing dependence on health professionals, I will teach you to execute treatment techniques and exercises yourself.


This may include

  • yoga practices
  • physical therapy exercises
  • herbal recommendations
  • self applied acupressure methods,
  • osteopathic techniques
  • understanding of your individual metabolism & biorhythm
  • understanding of your unique compensation mechanics.

Hands – on

If hands-on treatments are necessary, I can provide it or refer you to a qualified specialist in your area.


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